Our school trip to Johannesburg

From November the 12th to November the 16th, 28 students from Terminale ES, S and L have spent one week in Johannesburg with their Economy, History and Geography, Physical education and English teachers. I think I can say without hesitation that this trip was certainly fabulous for everyone, very instructive and very enriching both from a cultural and interpersonal point of view. I guess we all learn a lot about the history of South Africa and South African people. The atmosphere was joyful and studious at the same time. This trip also created an opportunity for us to visit and meet the students from another French school of the AEFE network namely the pupils from Lycée Jules Verne, the French school of Johannesburg who were very welcoming. This was definitely a great experience of sharing and exchanging skills and knowledge. I am quite sure that this trip will remain a key moment for our students and for us teachers as well, something that will stay in our memories all our life. So thank you students for getting involved in the visits by asking questions and showing interest during the different lectures and classes that we had. Thank you students for being respectful and for displaying good mood, all of this largely contributed to this wonderful trip. Finally I would also like to thank our headmaster Mr Blettery, the members of the management team and all the people who made this project possible especially Mr Bruno GUICHARD who conceived and planned the project.

Now here is an illustrated diary of what we did day by day.

Day 1 by Jasmin SEUTIN T°ES

We arrived at our hotel late afternoon and after a quick check-in, we spent two hours in the conference room where the program was first explained to us. Then we had a history class on the building of the city of Johannesburg and an economy class on the current economical situation of south Africa as part of the BRICS countries. Afterwards we had dinner and we slept.


Day 2 by Racine VAN LOUP

In the morning we visited the Apartheid Museum and in the afternoon we walked in the streets of Soweto (SOuth WEstern TOwnship) and saw different places like Nelson Mandela’s former house, the Memorial to Hector Pieterson.


Day 3 by Eliane DALA, Hadrien BERNARD, Ciolène BARROS T°S and Ornella AGUIAR T°L

We went to Gold Reef City and learned about the life and conditions of mine workers and saw how gold was transformed into bars. Then from 12 a.m. to 1p.m. we visited the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Mr Ralph Speirs who is employed there gave us a lecture on how the stock exchange works and how to best invest our money! In the afternoon, we drove to Sandton where we enjoyed a 2-hour free time. Back at the hotel we had a one-hour lecture from the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Johannesburg. After a quick dinner, we left for Montecasino to see «Matilda», a musical.


Day 4 by Racine VAN LOUP

This was a day devoted to meeting students from the Jules Verne French school. Our students competed with their students in football, basket-ball and volley-ball. We had lunch there and in the afternoon our students were allowed to attend English classes. When the class was over, they had a P.E. class before the bus came and picked us up to drive us back at our hotel. Our students did well in representing the banners of our school and really gave their best to challenge their fellow classmates.


Day 5 by Racine VAN LOUP

This last day started with the visit of Liliesleaf Farm which was the headquarters for the liberation movement, the armed wing of the ANC, founded after the Sharpeville Massacre (1960). We went on visiting Constitution Hill, the seat of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, originally Old Fort prison. This is a symbolical place insofar as it has become a court where freedom is now defended whereas in the past years, in this very same place basic rights were violated. It was then time to go to the airport and flew back to Luanda; with a four-hour flight we were all able to think over the past few days…